CREFC Europe to run educational seminars next month for junior market participants and students

CREFC Europe is running two educational seminars at this Spring’s two-day annual conference next month designed for junior market participants and students.

CREFC Europe logo 2The two morning sessions comprise an “Introduction to Property Lending” and a session entitled “Development Finance Explained”. 

The seminars, on Wednesday 2 April at the CREFC Europe Spring Conference held at Paul Hastings (Europe), London, will be free to all CREFC Europe member companies and students. 

Non-member firms will pay a nominal £50 + VAT (bulk discounts are available).  The registration deadline for the educational sessions is 26 March.  Those interested should contact


This educational session will focus on property lending basics including; the terminology, standard lending terms, lending best practices, covenants, security arrangements and methods of valuations.

The speakers will also provide insight into the lessons learnt from the recent financial crisis and will address;

* What went wrong?

* How these issues were addressed and

* Which issues are still left outstanding?

Moderator: Mark Nichol, Senior Director, Bank of America Merrill Lynch


To introduce participants to the Real Estate Development sector and to provide, through an interactive platform and commentary from a multi-disciplined panel, some of the basic principles of why and how development is financed and how to assess the key parameters of risk/reward.

Key themes:

• Development Finance – What is it? Why provide it?

• The “3” golden rules – Sponsor, location/asset, structure

• The different sectors – commercial, residential etc.

• Who is involved in a successful transaction?

• How to evaluate risk and how to size and price loans

• Keys for success and pitfalls to be aware of

Moderator: John Cole, European Real Estate, Guggenheim Partners

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