AEW Europe’s Rob Wilkinson succeeds Christian Delaire who is to succeed Generali’s Giancarlo Scotti

AEW Europe announced last night that Rob Wilkinson is to succeed Christian Delaire as chief executive officer, following Delaire’s move to succeed Giancarlo Scotti as CEO of Generali Immobiliare.

AEW Europe logoYesterday afternoon, AEW Europe issued an embargoed press statement confirming that AEW Europe’s board had selected Wilkinson, who joined the firm in 2009 as managing director, head of European fund management and separate accounts, to succeed Delaire.

Wilkinson, who was promoted to chief investment officer in 2011, has held various positions at the Goodman Group, UBS Investment Banking and Eurohypo in his earlier career.

Last month, Immoweek tipped Delaire as a successor to Giancarlo Scotti, who left Generali Immobiliare, the international real estate investment platform of Generali Group, at the end of last year.

Scotti is due to leave his post as chief executive officer and general manager of Generali Real Estate and Generali Properties on March 31.

“We are pleased to offer this position to Rob which will ensure continuity in the management of our European business. As Chief Investment Officer he has been instrumental in growing the business over the last five years and expanding our client base and product range” said Jeffrey Furber, Chairman of AEW Europe.

Rob commented “I’m delighted to be offered the opportunity to lead our European platform and am looking forward to working with the senior management team to further grow our business. As the markets continue to improve, AEW Europe is well placed to take advantage of the opportunities presented in the current markets”.

Jean Lavieille has also been appointed Directeur General Delegue of AEW Europe SA until 31 January 2015, after which he will take up the role of senior advisor as previously announced.

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